Winner of the 2012 reddot design award, the new Triango LED Minor Procedure light brings sophisticated LED technology to the medical facility. With sophisticated optics, a compact housing, and digital controls the Triango sets the standard for the modern minor-procedure fixture.

The Triango’s illumination levels, white light and superb colour rendering allow accurate diagnosis and treatment of any conditions.  The ability and ­ flexibility to quickly position the light where it’s needed and the attention to infection control requirements make this the fixture of choice for progressive hospitals and clinics.

The ideal exam and procedure light for OB/GYN, E.R. and Outpatient Clinics

  • 55,000 lux light output measured at 1 meter
  • Sophisticated optics for shadow- and glare-free lighting
  • Designed specifically for LED technology
  • Advanced thermal management keeps heat away from practitioner and patient
  • Integrated dimming controls are easily accessible
  • Swiss-engineered arm for precise movement and stability
  • 6.3” (160mm) illuminated area
  • Available in single and dual ceiling, wall and mobile floor stand versions

Learn more about the ValleyMed – Triango here