The MC3 Clinical LED headlight provides complete freedom from cords at an attractive pricepoint.

The MC3 provides 100,000 lux of illumination.

The MC3’s beam is very adjustable. The spot size can be adjusted from 1cm (0.4) to 10cm (4). Spot size measured at 10.

The MC3 utilizes the world’s first fully portable headlight platform, created by building the latest in electronic circuitry and battery chemistries into the headstrap. This eliminates the need for bulky belt packs, giving you the freedom and comfort to focus on the task at hand.

Battery Powered
The MC3 runs on two Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries. These long-lasting and lightweight batteries are positioned one on each side of the headband, providing constant, steady light and Hot-Swap capability.



  • 100,000 lux @ 25cm (10”)
  • 6500º Kelvin Colour Temperature
  • Digital Brightness Adjustment
  • Iris Spot Size Control
  • 1cm-10cm spot size @ 25cm (10”)
  • Battery Life: 6-7hrs at full intensity
  • Weight: 354g (11oz)


4-bay desktop Charger

Never worry about running out of batteries again. Charge up to four batteries at once in order to keep a guaranteed backup supply of battery power.

• Charges up to 4 batteries at a time

• Fast charging

• Charge time with fast charger plug: 3hrs (no matter the number of batteries)


The 4-bay desktop charger includes indication lights for a quick visual confirmation of battery status:


  • ‘Breath’ green when batteries are charging
  • Solid green when batteries are fully charged
  • Solid red when the battery is disconnected or faulty


Clip-on Loupes

A set of 3 clip-on loupes are available as an accessory for the MC6 or MC3 headlights. The set includes 2x, 3x and 4x magnification.


Standard Kit

The standard kit comes well-equipped to get you started. It includes the MC3 headlight, two (2) rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries, a USB charging cable with an adaptor, and a premium lockable carrying case with a carrying strap.

*does not come with desktop charger.


Hospital Kit

Our Hospital Kit offers even more than the Standard kit. The Hospital Kit includes a MC3 headlight, four (4) rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries, a 4-bay desktop battery charger, a USB charging cord with an adaptor, and a premium lockable carrying case with a carrying strap. In addition, you get a set of 2x clip-on loupes!


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