Nuvo Vu

The Nuvo Vu LED Surgical Light is brighter, whiter, cooler and more capable in the operating room than any previous technology. So you get the most accurate colors with unparalleled shadow control — and virtually no heat emission. All this for a value that’s hard to match.

Cross Focus Technology enables the LED’s to move independently of each other while adjusting the pattern size from 9.5” – 14” (229 mm – 356 mm). CFT allows the Vu to provide the same output on the large pattern as it does on the small pattern.

Features of the Vu LED Surgical Light:

  • Cross Focus Technology™ provides superior shadow control.
  • Optional “in-light” HD camera (1080i high-definition, 10x optical zoom/12x digital zoom).
  • Dimming and illumination field are easily controlled with the sterilizable handle.
  • Color temperature at your command, with five settings between 3,800° and 4,800° Kelvin to meet the surgeon’s specific needs.
  • Different surgeries have different lighting requirements.

The Nuvo Vu’s warm-white and cool-white LEDs allow the flexibility to adjust color temperature as needed, with five settings between 3,800° and 4,800° Kelvin to meet the surgeon’s specific needs. Lower color temperature emphasizes the reds, while higher temperature provides cooler white. The Nuvo Vu also features a “Green Mode” for minimally-invasive surgery.

Nuvo Vu Product Specifications:

Adjustable Color Temperature 3,800° to 4,800° K
Light Intensity Brilliant 160,000 lux output
Intensity Settings 5 (from 50% – 100%)
LED Life Expectancy 50,000 hour-rated LED life
Radiated Heat Near Zero
Controls on Sterile Handle Yes
Pattern Size 9.5” – 14” (229 – 356 mm)
Depth of Illumination 32.3” (820.4 mm)
Voltage 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Surgical Light Additions:
1. In Light HD Camera
2. Touch Screen Wall Control
3. Mounted Monitor (Call for screen size)
4. Battery Backup

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