Operating Room

Operating Rooms require high levels of illumination with good colour rendition. This is generally achieved with the use of sealed luminaires that are easily cleaned to prevent infections.
Operating room luminaires are always ceiling-mounted. They need to be very flexible, controllable from multiple points in the room and easy to use. The illuminated field needs a distinctive ‘edge’ to avoid illuminating unwanted areas while providing a very high intensity, excellent colour rendering and shadow reduction. The surgeon needs a very high colour rendering to distinguish between different types of tissue.
A well-designed fixture offers excellent shadow reduction, which ensures the field remains illuminated even if parts of the light are obstructed. In halogen lighting systems, a light with multiple bulbs or a single bulb with automatic backup is a must to ensure procedures can be completed without interruptions. Many hospitals and outpatient facilities now select LED luminaires for their interruption-free illumination, lower power consumption and lessened maintenance requirements.
Video cameras are also available. In some systems the camera can be mounted in the lighthead and on other systems on a separate arm.

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