Minor Surgery/Outpatients

Outpatient and Minor surgery departments require good illumination with good colour rendition. This is typically achieved with the use of sealed luminaires that are easily cleaned to prevent infections.
A Minor Surgery light needs to be very flexible, easy to control and easy to direct exactly where light is needed. The illuminated field needs a distinctive cut off to avoid illuminating unwanted areas while providing a very high intensity, excellent colour rendering and shadow reduction. The surgeon needs high colour rendering to distinguish between different types of tissue. A well-designed minor surgery light provides excellent shadow reduction even if parts of the light are blocked by obstructions. Light handles are easily removable and can be sterilized. The lights are normally ceiling-mounted.
ValleyMed has a broad range of ceiling-mounted medical gas delivery and equipment management solutions, as well as headlights, lightsources, procedural microscopes, Loupes and Laser Safety eyewear for every application.

Minor Surgery/Outpatients Categories