Endoscopy enables the screening, surveillance, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases and disorders. This is a rapidly developing field as an increasing number of advances in equipment, technology and techniques allow more and more minimally invasive procedures to be used to address health issues and diseases that once required major surgical intervention.
Keeping pace with these advances, new room layouts and equipment have been introduced to maximize efficiency and safety. Equipment Booms and Articulating Arms locate equipment close to the point of use to preserve floor space. Certain Surgery Room lighting is now available with “Endo-Modes” to enhance monitor viewing while allowing staff to move safely around the room during the room-darkened periods. Task lighting can be added to carts or walls to allow charting and other patient related activities.  Xenon light sources are widely used as the illumination source for endoscope exams and fiber-optic cable technology is used for transmission of both lighting and imaging.
ValleyMed can provide: Equipment Arms, Fiberoptic Endoscopic Cables, Headlights, Articulating Arms, Lightsources, Surgical Lighting,  and replacement Lamps (Bulbs) for virtually every application.

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