Emergency Department

The Emergency Room is often the major entry point to a hospital for critically ill or injured patients. Visual inspection plays a big role in directing the patient to the right treatment. This demands a high level of general lighting and high colour rendering to show the true colour of the skin.
Arm-based lights mounted on the ceiling, the wall or on a mobile floor stand are the ideal supplement to the general room illumination for examinations or treatment. They provide excellent colour rendering and a focused beam. The ideal treatment and minor procedure light gives a high level of luminance and adds the benefit of shadow reduction, while being fairly compact and simple to use. Partial blocking by a head or an arm will only result in slightly dimmed light, not total blocking. For Trauma Room applications, the lighting quality should approach Operating Room levels, and rooms designed to handle higher numbers of cases will benefit from full Operating Room solutions: surgical lights with focusable, dimmable light, equipment management and gas and power delivery systems.
ValleyMed can also provide Headwalls, Service Columns, Fibreoptic Headlights, LED Headlights, Halogen, Metal Halide, Xenon and LED Lightsources, Laryngoscopes, Loupes, Microscopes, Slit Lamps, Task Lighting, and replacement Lamps (Bulbs) for virtually any application from Opthalmascopes to Microscopes.

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