Corridor/Waiting Room/Patient Room

The prime objective of Corridor lighting is to illuminate transportation areas.
In patient transport areas, forethought should be taken to avoid direct glare from the luminaires by employing lighting that ‘washes’ the wall with light, ceiling-mounted direct light luminaires with asymmetric reflectors, or other solutions depending on the individual design and construction of the corridor. Well-designed corridor lighting also works as ‘way-finding’, highlighting doors and giving indication of direction or depth.
Waiting Rooms
Lighting plays a major role in creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere in the waiting room. The lighting scheme can provide a different feel to varying parts of the space.
Patient Rooms
ValleyMed has a number of patient room lighting solutions. Wall-mounted luminaires are available in a variety of styles and with a variety of options: up-light or down-light only, a combination of both, flip-over examination, and a choice of illumination: T5, T8 or LED.
A bedside reading light can be easily positioned to cast light exactly and only where required. This is perfect for multi-bed ward applications, allowing one patient to have their bedside light on without disturbing the other patients in the ward. Bedside arm-based lighting also provides staff with supplementary light when attending to the patient.

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