Chrome Faceshield for Headlight and Standalone Visor

Introducing the new Chrome Face Shields for ultimate face protection. These shields are reusable and built durably with high impact materials to endure the O.R environment.

  • Proper Protection – Complete facial coverage
  • Durable – Designed with high-quality materials for reusability
  • Adjustable – Allows for proper positioning and ability to flip up and down
  • Optimal Vision – Uncompromised peripheral with upward and downward vision
  • Made in the USA

Reusable shields, built in the USA and made to last.

Chrome Face Shield

For Chrome Headlight


Designed for adapting to the Chrome headlight system, this Face Shield option is mounted on a swivel and provides a barrier in front of the headlight.

Chrome Face Shield



For those that don’t need a light but are looking for a durable reusable way to be protected, this option is the best choice on the market.

Technical Specification


Visor: Clear high visibility plastic (Polycarbonate or PETG)

Headband (M-91422): Black Nylon for the headband, wing set, knob/washer set

Padding: PET/PU for foam, PET/PE fabric for hook and loop


M-91420: 19 oz (w/ MC7 PRO headlight & 2 batt.); M-91422: 6 oz

FDA / Certifications:

Class 1 510K Exempt, CE Mark

Place of manufacture:

Portland, Oregon USA


6-Month on the headband, 1-Month on the visor shield lens