The popular Halux 50® examination light is ideal for exams and procedures in the medical or veterinary setting.  The Halux 50 features an optically advanced IRC (infrared Coated) halogen-xenon bulb which provides a long 3,000 hour lamp life with a 3400K color temperature.

  • 73,000 lux (6800 foot candles) at 16″ and 60,000 lux (5600 foot candles) at 18″
  • Optically advanced 50-watt IRC (infrared coated) halogen-xenon bulb
  • 3400K color temperature
  • Optional color correction filter available reaches 4100K
  • Gooseneck arm offers a 36″ reach
  • Double wall construction in light head assures cool housing surface temperature
  • 270º movement of light head for easy positioning
  • A wide range of mounting options including: ceiling, wall, table edge clamp or permanent table mount, rail clamp and mobile floor stand