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The MC6 Sapphire Surgical Headlight

The MC6 Sapphire Surgical Headlight

The MC6 Sapphire Surgical Headlight


Comfortable, Light and Bright

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Completely cordless and incredibly bright, the MC6 provides both the illumination and long-life battery capabilities required for all-day surgical use.

A choice of two headband styles with silent, no-fan operation and an easily positioned headlight module are combined with optional loupes for excellent visualization. Why? To give surgeons the freedom, comfort and capability to concentrate on their work.

Preferred for ENT, ORL, NEURO & Colo-Rectal Surgeries.




Quiet-CoolTM heat dispensing technology both reduces the temperature of the LED and reduces bezel size, keeping the MC6TM both cool and sleek.



Dual Lithium Polymer battery packs provide constant steady brightness and operational longevity while maintaining Hot-SwapTM capabilities.



The MC6’s onboard Unit Charger offers the versatility of onboard charging through its USB power supply. Users can also choose the optional 4-port Desktop Charging Station along with extra batteries to be assured of ‘always ready’ performance.


Headlight Module

A two-pivot arm design allows the headlight module to be easily positioned for not just optimal working position but to also make sure the right beam angle is available.


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