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The MC3 Onyx Clinical LED Headlight System

The CHROME MC7 PRO Surgical Headlight

The MC3 Onyx Clinical LED Headlight System


Small in size, big in benefits.

When we say cordless, we mean no cords at all.

No fibre optic cable back to a light source, no cord to a wall power supply but also no cord to a battery belt pack.

Just total freedom.

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Tight beam control ranging from pinpoint spot to 4” diameter with a sharp cut-off at the field edges makes this a great clinical and small procedure asset.



Quiet-CoolTM heat dispensing technology reduces LED temperature and bezel size, allowing the MC3TM to stay cool and sleek.



Dual Lithium Polymer battery packs provide constant steady brightness and longevity to the headlight while maintaining Hot-SwapTM capabilities.



The MC3TM’s onboard Unit Charger gives you the versatility of onboard charging with the USB power supply. Choose the optional 4-port Desktop Charging Station and extra batteries to be assured of ‘always ready’ performance.


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