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Proxima Series Ceiling Pendant


The PROXIMA series Services Management Platform conveniently optimizes room organization in acute care areas with customizable options that fit your available work space. With innovative technological advancements the Proxima system offers maximum flexibility and accessibility to services and equipment combined with easy positioning. This concept provides increased performance in your care area by delivering services closer to the patient while streamlining workflow for clinical staff. The Proxima finds a place in many areas of the hospital; Trauma, Neonatal, Anesthesia, Emergency Department, Intensive Care, Recovery Room, Operating Room and Diagnostic Imaging.

Time-saving features for the nursing staff

In trauma, experience has shown us the nursing staff often don’t have time to leave the patient and address the brake release mechanism to move the services head out of the way.

With the PROXIMA’s positioning system, one person can comfortably move the PROXIMA's fixed suspension arm. A small hip movement pushing the services head is sufficient to move the suspension arms away from the original position.

With an amazingly low effort-to-load ratio of 1 to 83 pounds, a heavily-loaded PROXIMA arm virtually glides from one position to another.

Energy efficient

The PROXIMA’s friction positioning system allows the unit to be securely moved and positioned with minimal effort. This system uses multiple adjustable pressure pads at each articulation, easily adjusted to counter balance the unit weight or accommodate user capability.

Our system does not require any dedicated compressed air or nitrogen to release the braking system. This is a significant energy saver and of long-term benefit for the owner.

Designed for multiple services capacity

PROXIMA's oversized throat design and multiple head configurations will allow up to 60 services (gases, electricity, communications). With a smaller head, a shelving system located under the unit allows you to stack up today’s most advanced equipment while providing the smallest footprint possible. 

  • Available in double or single arm configurations as well as variable height and width service units
  • Heavy gauge aluminum frame member;
  • Mechanical positioning;
  • Double articulation allows for 330° range of motion;
  • Horizontal rail system on service manager unit with vertical T shaped track system on each corner;
  • Multiple adjustable shelves;
  • Epoxy painted for a durable finish;
  • Electrical devices, medical gas outlets and communication devices in quantities and locations to suit customer needs.
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