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Laser Protective Domes


Our Laser Viewing Domes and Laser Viewing Windows – also known as Laser Safety Domes, or Laser Safety Windows - are ideal for laser enclosures and rooms. They provide safe viewing of lasers from outside the nominal hazard zone. Our laser viewing filters can be customized to facilitate most laser applications including doors, rooms, and laser systems.


Active Window: The newest safety solution for industrial high powered lasers

Safe Monitoring
Today's lasers are increasing in power and the new patented Active Window solves this safety problem with the integration of safety sensor connected to the laser circuit.

Easy Set-up
A complete system built into the frame for easy installation, set-up and integration into safety circuits.

Fast Switching
Ideal for automated manufacturing cells. Typical switching time when a laser beam hits the window and shuts down the laser is 8ms.

Certified Technology
Certified category T1 for automated operation without supervision in accordance to mechanical engineering regulations and is CE certified.