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Halux 20PLX LED Examination Light


Seven powerful LEDs work in tandem in the Halux LED to provide up to 50,000 lux of illumination to the examination area. Through a combination of LED’s the colour temperature can be adjusted according to the specific examinations requirements; from 3500K to 4100K to 4700K. This allows for distinguishing the most subtle of color tones and skin tissue characteristics in full detail. In addition, five dimming levels aid in the comfort of both patient and practitioner. And the gooseneck arm system offers flexibility in movement, making the Halux LED easy to maneuver.

  • 50,000lux at 20” (50mm)
  • 3 color temperature settings - 3500K, 4100K and 4700K
  • Intuitive, easily accessible controls
  • Heat dissipates away from the lamp head
  • Five dimming levels
  • High energy efficiency and maintenance-free
  • Seven powerful LEDs (50,000 lux)
  • Available with the following mounting options: wall mount, rail clamp, table clamp, mobile floor stand