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Fibreoptic cables


Our fiberoptic cables (also known as light guides, or light cords) are manufactured to a high standard of quality, performance, and reliability and comply with FDA regulations and ISO 13485 certification. Only medical grade silicone and stainless steel are used in their manufacture.
Each light guide is high temperature xenon compatible and rated to the highest level of thermal resistance. Our cables are tested to ensure the highest light output possible.

Each new fiberoptic cable ships with a one year warranty.

Surgical headlight cables

Our fiberoptic headlight cables are designed to deliver the maximum light output and performance.

Replacement headlight cables

We can supply high quality replacement headlight cables for Aculux, Applied Fiberoptics, BFW, Cogent, Cuda, Isolux, Luxtec, Sunoptic and Welch-Allyn headlights, among others.

Endoscopic cables

Our fiberoptic endoscopic cables are designed to deliver maximum light when coupled to a medical grade fiberoptic lightsource. With our very wide range of cable diameters, lengths and endfittings, we can offer light guides compatible with virtually all endoscopes, medical instruments and microscopes.

Our light guides are available with bundle diameters ranging from 2.5mm to 6.5mm. We offer more than ten different colours of medical-grade silicone sheathing - each department can have their own colour. All of our endoscopic cables are hermetically sealed and can be sterilized with steam autoclave, cold soak, Steris, or Sterrad.

Endoscopic cables – Universal endfittings

In addition to standard light cords, we offer Universal cables on which you can "mix & match" end tips for use with the most popular lights sources and instruments.  This gives you the versatility of a custom cable simply by changing the adaptors on each end.

Between the various cable diameters, lengths, reinforcement options, and end tips we can offer more than 10,000 different cable configurations – contact us today with your specific requirements!