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AIM 50 Examination and Minor Procedure Light


The AIM-50™ has several features that make it a good choice for examinations or minor procedures. With light output of 45,000 Lux (at 1 meter), a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 96 and a color temperature of 3100° Kelvin, the AIM-50™ enhances your vision. The AIM-50™ utilizes three 50-watt quartz halogen bulbs, each rated with a 2000-hour average bulb life.

The AIM-50’s™ 360° limitless arm rotation around vertical axes (single ceiling mount) makes it the right light for examinations and minor procedures in a variety of settings and practices such as: emergency rooms, ambulatory surgery centers, intensive care units, physician offices, clinics, plastic surgery, dermatology, and ophthalmology.

• 45,000 lux (4181 footcandles) at 1m distance

• 3100 K color temperature

• ‘Y’ shaped multi-bulb head

• Adjustable spot size

• High CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 96

• Available in Floorstand, Single Ceiling, Double Ceiling and Wall Mount versions to suit any application