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Company Culture

Company Culture

Our mission, vision and values define us as people and as a company. They explain what is most important to us and the qualities that are vital to our success. At ValleyMed we conduct business in a way that serves our customers, employees and shareholders at the highest level possible by following our values:

Deliver high quality goods and services

Why? Delivering honest quality is the way we at ValleyMed take pride in our work and know we are delivering value.

Operate with honesty and integrity

Why? At ValleyMed, we believe honesty and integrity are the most fundamental values, and that everyone is entitled to be treated with respect.

Provide a positive work environment with excellent training and professional development for our employees

Why? A company is made up of individuals. With their individual talents and skills, each employee contributes to the success of our company. As we improve individually we improve the company as a whole, and improve the quality of the service we can provide.

Excellent customer service that keeps customers coming back and telling their colleagues

Why? We would rather say – Why not?! Nearly everything about business is changing at an ever-increasing velocity. The constant is the need to respond to customer needs. Our desire is to respond in ways that make every customer come back again the next time.